The Isle of Wight Radio Society held its AGM over Zoom on Sunday 18th April.   Voting was by post, email, and Zoom. 17 attended.

Joly (G6RTE) is chairman, Graham (2E0IIT) is Secretary, Jan (M7JMK) is treasurer, and Wendy (G7IRH) is the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer.  The committee is : Peter (2E1PHW), Ian (G4MBD), Mike (M0IES), Roger (G8NHG), Richard (2E0AAJ), Alan (G0VPO), Paul (G0GMY) and Nick (M7BOY).

AOB. We discussed: forming an 11m group, personal exposure to radio waves, and prospective talks.

Finally, the Society welcomed two new full members in Bill (2E0WGK) and Julian(M0XPJ).