Sorry to say that Bob, due to declining health has had to take up permanent residence at a care home. He recently had a fall, and broke his hip, but has had a replacement and is recovering in hospital. Bob’s brother has been talking to Bob about all his equipment, and Bob has with regrets agreed that it make sense to dispose of it.

I have brought it all to my house, and have been checking what looks to be useful, so it can be disposed of. Where it raises money, Bob would like the money to be donated to the IW Radio Society. It would make sense to sell it locally, so I will act as the focal point for the disposal. You can do as I did and look on the internet to give some idea of value; I’ve included enough information for you to do that. Where I can’t get a sensible price offer locally for “good” kit, I’ll put it on eBay.

If you are interested, please contact me, and I can arrange for you to see the kit, and take it if you want it. My email is, and if you mail me with a contact number, I’ll get in touch, and send you a copy of the list. Where the kit seems to be in good working order, I’ve put an indicator value from ebay, etc. Make me a sensible offer guided by that. For kit labelled “free” you can take it away, else it will go to recycling. For the uncertain stuff, you can take it away and try it out, and offer what value it has for you, bearing in mind the funds will support IWRS.

Here is a PDF of the list that opens in a new window.

Compiled 16/6/21 Dave Downer M0GQJ