At a recent committee meeting the question of ICNIRP compliance was discussed, because a lot of confusion surrounds this requirement by OFCOM it was decided that the society would publish some clear guidelines for members trying to conform.

We have created a new space on the Menu called Articles, and it is here that you will find the guidance on complying with ICNIRP written by Roger G8NHG.

Articles is intended to be the place where snippets of interesting practical and technical information can be placed by Members for the benefit of fellow Members. For example, some notes and photos of a DiY aerial mounting system or observations on a constructional project like the recent 4m transverter presentation.

References to published articles giving a short summary and where to find them may also be helpful to fellow Members. The same applies to product reviews – if you have bought something and think it’s great, then let the Membership know. Roger G8NHG

As we are developing the website it is very helpful to have your comments and criticisms as we try to find a way to make the website of practical use to members. Paul G0GMY