Roger G8NHG Presents

The Islander 3

HF Receiver

The Islander 3 came from an observation at my local radio club, that newcomers to our hobby frequently had hand held VHF radios and no HF band capability.

The Islander 3 has been designed to fill that gap and covers the 80m, 40m and the 20m bands in both SSB and CW but with a simple set of controls. It is also a radio that a club could lend to a newcomer to maintain and develop their interest in the hobby until they become self sufficient.

The Islander 3 receiver is featured in the 15th edition of the RSGB Handbook of Radio Communication where the radio and its design process is described. These web pages have been set up on the Isle of Wight Radio Society website to provide much more detailed information to support those wishing to build the radio.

On the website you will be able to download all the documents, components and drawings including the PCB so that you can build the receiver yourself.


To buy the book Click Here (opens in a new window)

To open or download the article Islander_3_article

Islander 3 Support Zone.

So you are looking to build this for yourself?
In this section you can access:

The outline document
The Drawing Cabinet which contains

  • The case
  • The Front Panel Control Board
  • The RF Board
  • The Main Board
    And all the PCB artworks

You can also purchase the software and microprocessor with the software installed