The Future Needs Some Help

The Isle of Wight Radio Society

The Club is changing – it began with the website and we have recently established our own Clubroom on the Haylands Farm Estate which gives us 24/7 exclusive access. This is where we do radio as well as talking about it. Our G3SKY station is now fully operational from HF up to 70cms, there is a Morse group, a 4m group and a test and repair facility. Our Friday evening meetings now have a distinct buzz about them and these changes have resulted in an upturn in membership numbers including some ex-members that have re-joined.

And there is more to come:- 

Capitalising on our close links with the IoW Scouting movement, we have started to grow a young persons wing where we seek to cultivate their interest in radio, support young people who want to achieve a Foundation licence, help such folk get on the air and ideally, help the various groups setup their own radio stations.

Field Days & More

Work is underway to create a fully “pick up and go” field radio station box for special events and contests.

There is a new exam coming out of the RSGB called the “direct to full licence” exam. As its name implies, it is intended as a fast track route for those who already have some knowledge of the subject. The Club has decided to support anyone interested in following this path with a series of ad-hoc mentoring sessions to help fill knowledge gaps.

Our equipment stock is being rationalised so that we have an up to date radio station, a process that includes the purchase of new kit and the corresponding sale of surplus items.

In the longer term, the Club is looking to raise funds with a plan to open a permanent Club facility. 

To support these plans, the Club is looking for people with relevant skills. So, if you have professional experience in mentoring, project management, fundraising, communications or commercial property plus an interest in radio or other technologies and you would like to exercise your skills, we would like to meet you.

The Committee is committed to creating a vibrant long lasting club. Consequently it has a lot to do and they need your help.