Those involved in the Joint Club Net held on GB3IW have been considering
what should happen once the Clubs and Societies emerge from lockdown and
can resume regular meetings.

So much has been gained from liaisons between the clubs, especially the
social opportunities and ability to exchange skills between the
different groups that no-one wants to see a retreat into isolation.  The
idea of a continuing cross-Solent initiative between Fort Purbrook ARC
and the IOWRS, with other willing clubs too, is unavoidable.

Those involved with the Friday Net are resolved to see the co-operation
maintained and extended, with both the Net and Parallel zoom
continuing.  The net controllers (with the clubs’ support) are proposing
to continue, but hold the Net on a Tuesday evening at the same time as
present.  IT will be called The Bramble Bank Net to reflect its
“international” flavour.  The net controller role would rotate between
the hosting clubs as at present with a parallel zoom meeting, enabling
people to get to see each other, run in the same fashion as before. 

The Zooms at present comprise informal gatherings for the ‘craik’ and
ability to discuss a wide range of topics and exchange links with
occasional full talks (roughly once per month).   This would continue,
but the medium offers immense potential for information exchange and
there is no reason why there should not be further spin-offs in
different slots.

Graham 2E0IIT

The Bramble Bank Net will be an open Net everyone welcome.

Please use the comments box below for your ideas on the combined net and Zoom evenings.