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The club is open and meeting on Friday evenings 19.00 Hrs. at Haylands Farm everyone welcome. The club shack is working and we are refurbishing the antennas following the long period when they were not used.

The club will be entering G3SKY in the Practical Wireless 70MHz contest which takes place on Sunday 26th September 2021. Rules will be in the September 2021 issue of Practical Wireless. This is by way of a hands on introduction to using high power equipment and antennas in a fun contest on a band that has recently become popular. Our focus is not about winning but is more about learning something new and having fun doing it.

A program of activities will be published shortly.

Please contact our secretary Graham Coleman by email for more information and an invitation to our Bramble Bank Zoom meetings on Tuesday evenings

Program of activities

The Club likes to maintain a tentative program of events, it’s a kind of rolling calendar. This years program has been hit by Covid, so a number of the early events could not take place, but they are still shown and will be re-scheduled (tbr) when the Covid restrictions allow.

tbr                  Constructing a VHF/UHF Slim Jim antenna. Materials supplied.          Roger, G8NHG

tbr                  Constructing an HF Balun. Materials supplied.                                       Ian, G4MBD

tbr                  The Kempton Park Rally.

25th April      International Marconi Day.

9th June         Practical Wireless 2 metre QRP contest.

21th/22nd June          Museums on the air.

27th/28th June

4th/5th July      VHF Field Day plus Club BBQ.

Other annual events cancelled due to Covid and/or currently without dates:-

June 2022           Newbury Amateur Radio Rally

Flight Refuelling Rally, normally in August.

Bembridge Lifeboat open day, normally in August.

Practical Wireless 70MHz contest, 26th September.

Nevada Open Day, normally in November.

Club Christmas party, around the 17th of December.

Special Events


Jamboree on the Air is looked forward to every year by both members and Scouts.

Marconi Day

International Marconi Day is celebrated all over the world by Radio Amateurs and all people who appreciate the outstanding contribution made by Marconi.

Field Days

Club Field days are another way the members can get together and enjoy their hobby here is Graham 2E0IIT report of a recent Club Field Day & B-B-Q at Bembridge.


The aim of the club is to have an interesting stream of talks throughout the year and in the past we have enjoyed a flurry of talks.

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Graham Coleman M5IIT

Club Secretary

07976 328016


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