Are you interested?

Are you already licensed and moving to the Island?

The Club supports the Thursday Night Net through GB3IW, the breakfast club through GB3IW, the C4FM confusion net through GB7PO, the Brighstone top band net and the Waterside net on 2m. If nets are not your thing, then there is a Raynet Group and contesting enthusiasts. Alternatively, maybe you can contribute to the Club maintaining or re-configuring equipment or offering to Buddy new licensees. Particular skills and experience may get you co-opted onto the Committee. Come and meet some like minded people on a Friday night, and if you like it, we would be please to have you as Member.

Are you moving to the Island and looking for a new and interesting hobby?

Amateur Radio is a great hobby with many different facets. Apart from talking to the World, there are VHF digital modes, amateur television, working through amateur satellites, field days, contests and lots more. Drop into the Club on a Friday evening and have a look at some radio equipment and have a chat about our extended training program that will get you licensed and onto to the airwaves. We are always pleased to welcome newcomers.

Are you already licensed and living on the Island?

You may think that the club is not for you, but maybe it might be. Covid changed the way the Club worked with the introduction of a website and Zoom calls holding the Club together. In fact, during this period, the membership actually grew. Informative talks, the introduction of the Beyond Exams scheme designed to expand the experience by trying new things, supporting SOTA are all contributing to a new look Club. Maybe your skills and experience can help the Club move forward. We are always looking for buddies who can help new licensees onto the airwaves – maybe that’s you. If you have a particular specialist interest within the hobby e.g. EME or old military radios, our members would be interested to hear about it. Come and talk to us on a Friday evening, we would really like to meet you.

Are you a newcomer that has taken an interest in the hobby?

Come along on a Friday night and see some equipment in action, just send us an email so we can welcome you in. If you have difficulty in making a Friday night, then we can organise some other way of experiencing what Amateur Radio is about – just let us know. The Club has an excellent record in training newcomers through to the Foundation License and beyond. Plus there are other supportive schemes in place to assist you in becoming a proficient Operator.


The Society’s financial year runs from the 1st May to the 3oth April. New members joining partway through the year pay a proportion of the annual membership fee.

Club fees payable to the treasurer either by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash are:

Individual member                  £36

Joint membership (2)              £48

Associate membership            £12

Associate membership is not available to Island residents. It is intended for friends of the club living overseas who visit the club when on holiday or business on the island.

In addition to the fees above members pay £1.00 into the tea and coffee fund on the night they visit the club.