GB3IW & Local Repeater List


Island amateurs are immensely proud of their repeater.   There has been an island UHF repeater for many years but people and sites come and go, and for a long time GB3IW was silent.  Our new facility is almost entirely due to Paul G4IKI , the keeper,  who has designed, built and maintains the apparatus.   GB3IW enjoys the luxury of mains power and a very elevated site on Ventnor Down.   IO90jo

Output power is 25W to 4 stacked folded dipoles.  The receive antenna is separate – a vertical 6dBd mounted above.  Sensitivity is excellent with a 30dB LNA on the front end with a set of home-brew cavity notch filters. The frequencies to use – you  listen on 433.225 MHz  and transmit on 434.825 MHz.  CTCSS is  71.9 Hz .   The service area is impressive, and users can help our research by including their rough location when calling in


Regular users might like to show their appreciation of the repeater by contributing to the upkeep.  Donations should be sent (by PayPal)  to  or by clicking on the button on this page.

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