The Isle of Wight Radio Society runs two FM nets on the GB3IW repeater (433.225MHz output, 434.825MHz Input).



The Isle of Wight Radio Society runs two FM nets on the GB3IW repeater (433.225MHz output, 434.825MHz Input). 

The Thursday Night Net (TNN) was founded by Craig (2E0FQH) in  2016.  It runs for an  hour, starting at 20:00 GMT.  The net is directed and open to all amateurs and is often seeded by the net controller with a pre-determined topic.  Echolink is welcome.  Audio recordings are available over the internet with a live video feed for those not yet qualified.  The main controller is Bill (2E0WGK), plus Misty the cat on facebook.

The Society has a Tuesday Night Joint Club Net, starting at 19:30 for 90 minutes on GB3IW.  This is a venture with the Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club who normally gather on the repeater at this time.  This net is directed, and alternating controllers are Steve (M0RQD) and Dave G7EPE for the Society and Graham (M0CYX) for Purbrook.
Both of these nets have a parallel Zoom meeting which continues after the RF net.


The Breakfast Club – weekdays from 06:15 to 07:00 (approx.) on GB3IW.  The controller Peter (2E1PHW).

The C4FM Confusion Net  – Sunday evenings on the GB7PO Repeater: Output: 439.7375 MHz, Input: 430.7375MHz.  (DN, DG-ID TX:10) Access also from GB7MT. The controller is Peter (2E1PHW and the net runs from 20:00 BST to 22:00 BST.


The 4m band is steadily growing in popularity – at least in our part of the world – and, with its simplicity of operation (no repeaters, no access codes, no offsets or time slots to be programmed) it is an ideal place for ‘P-plate’ licensees to start making QSOs.  The band is largely free from interference, and most FM operation happens on one of only three or four channels.   There is a calling frequency (70.450MHz) which is widely respected, so making contacts is always straightforward and enjoyable. Whilst the band does have its own cadre of enthusiastic contesters, who come with the inevitable linear amplifiers and large beam aerials, there are comparatively few contest events on 4m.  Such contest activity as does exist is mostly confined to the CW/SSB end of the band (using horizontal polarisation), leaving the FM portion available for local nets and random QSOs (using vertical polarisation).

The IOWRS has recently refurbished its 4m station, and G3SKY can now be heard working an FM channel on most Friday evenings, usually between about 7pm and 8pm local time.

We especially encourage new licensees to have a go.There are several other local FM nets, run by clubs or individuals, either on the Island (where there is a surprisingly large number of 4m stations) or along the mainland south coast (where there are even more!)  One Island group, located in Brighstone and its surrounding villages, is on most Sunday afternoons at 4pm.  As with all such nets, visitors are most welcome. You may also hear activity on 4m from the Swanage area, the Southampton area, and from the hill tops around Blandford Forum.

Times to listen are ….

  • Sunday mornings, Teds Net on 70.325 FM.
  • Every weekday morning, on 70.475 FM.
  • Wednesday mornings, the EV Net on 70.325 FM
  • Wednesday evenings, the Blackmore Vale Net on 70.425 FM

Most common FM channels are:  70.425, 70.475, 70.400, 70.325.

Since many people use transverters to go from 10m up to 4m, they have the added ability to use SSB which goes a lot further than FM. Its calling channel is 70.200.

4m is a very rewarding band and we look forward to hearing you, or better still, join the Club.