Club Committee

Committee Matters

The IOWRS is run by a management committee, in accordance with our published Constitution, Committee Rules, Members’ Rules, and Policies.

The Committee Members are:-

Steve Cownley – Officer M0RQD Chair + Webmaster
Roger Wilkins – Officer G8HNG Secretary
Jan Kelly – Officer M0LZS Treasurer
Vacancy  –  Public relations & communications manager
Damiano Cirielli M1NCR Facilities manager
Chris Flux G7IVF Events manager
Mike Reaney M0IES Training and mentoring manager
Rod Angel G4ZUP Governance & compliance manager

and they are contactable through the Committee e-mail address

 The Committee regularly discusses several items of Society business:-

  • Finances i.e. the bank account, membership numbers.
  • Day to day matters e.g. agreement to pay invoices, insurance.
  • Projects and events e.g. the Bramble Bank radio station, shack upgrades.
  • Society Management i.e. the policies that govern how the Society operates.
  • The future i.e. what direction is the Society going in.